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Rankin School District #98

Remote Learning


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5th Grade - Miss Brienen - Remote Learning

5.2 Remote Learning Schedule

(Attendance will be taken periodically throughout the day)

(Plan is subject to change)

8:00- Join All School Announcements

Mrs. Goode’s 5th Grade Remote Learning schedule:

8:20- Mon/Tue Log into ART on Google Classroom and follow directions

8:20 - Wed, Thur, and Fri log on to Music Google Classroom and follow directions.


8:50 - Log into Google Classroom for ARC Language Arts instructions. Find ARC ELA Section on Google classroom.. Directions may include a link or directions to meet as a class with a teacher on Google meets. We will do read-alouds, IXL,  writing responses, editing, revising, research and creating books. This ELA time will also incorporate Social studies and Science.


9:30- Break from ARC ELA time and- Log into STEM Google classroom and follow directions.


10:00 - Log back into ARC ELA google classroom and complete tasks. If done early before 11, do 2 steps of reading.


11:00 - Log into Google Classroom for Math instructions. Find Math section on Google classroom. Directions may include a link or directions to meet as a class with teacher on Google meets. We will use Zearn, Xtra math, IXL and Prodigy.


11:30 - Break for lunch and wellness time


12:30 - Log back into Math Google Classroom and complete Steps. 


1:30 - Log into P.E. Google Classroom and complete directions. 


2:00 - Complete 4 sets of reading steps if you haven’t read first 2. If you already did 2 steps during ARC time, you may just do 2 at this time. Write a short response on pages/mins read on google classroom and Individual and/or Group Questions/Answers, Review and/or Reading